What is cord blood stem cell banking?

What is cord blood stem cell banking?

When your child is born you have the opportunity to collect and store the stem cells from the placenta and umbilical cord.

Stem cells are the building blocks of life, they create a direct link between your child’s good health at the time they are born and their good health in the future. Should your child face any of a vast range of health issues in later life, their stem cells may be the key to repairing and restoring their health.

Used routinely in transplant medicine for treating leukaemia’s and other blood disorders, cord blood stem cells collected from the placenta after birth now form part of standard therapy for over 85 diseases.

Cord tissue stem cells collected from the umbilical cord have the potential to renew and restore a variety of tissue types which could make them invaluable to regenerative therapies for illnesses such as strokes, diabetes and heart disease.

Since the first cord blood transplant in 1988, we have witnessed extraordinary developments in medical science. With over 40,000 cord blood transplants performed worldwide and over 300 clinical trials underway, stem cell treatment has become a reality for many families.

Stem cells found in cord blood

Haematopoietic stem cells (HSC’s) found in cord blood are used routinely in transplant medicine and form part of standard therapies for the following:

Stem cells found in cord tissue

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC’s) found in cord tissue have the potential to be used in the future for treatment of the following:

There are over 300 therapies in clinical trial or late stages of research using
umbilical cord stem cells and many of these will become a reality in the
lifetime of a child born today.

Cord blood treatment possibilitiesStem cell clinical trials

What makes Future Health Biobank so special?

Worlds most accredited -We are certified and licensed by more regulators than any other stem cell bank. With a full AABB accreditation, HTA license, Swissmedic license, MHRA accreditation and ISO 9001 certification, you can rest assured your baby’s stem cells are stored at the highest standard. We are also the only bank to have been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

UK’s largest bank- We have processed and stored more samples than all other UK stem cell banks combined. With over 125,000 samples from 75 countries, you can be confident that your baby’s stem cells are stored by the UK’s most experienced bank.

Two laboratories-We are the only UK family stem cell bank to own and operate two laboratories over two separate geographical locations. Owning a secondary facility means we are still able to process, test and store your baby’s stem cells in the event of a problem at our primary facility.

Free release and shipment- Future Health Biobank are the only stem cell bank in the UK that include release and transportation of your sample for transplant anywhere in the world completely free of charge. This means at such a crucial time, you can rest assured Future Health will be there for your family to ensure this process is as stress free as possible.

Wide range of services & Interest free instalments- Future Health Biobank offer a comprehensive range of services to suit all budgets as well as interest free instalment plans for up to 12 months allowing you to spread your cost.

Dedicated medical courier- We have a dedicated national medical courier to ensure every clients sample is collected and transported to us with the upmost care.

Working in partnership with NHS- Future Health Biobank work in partnership with several NHS trusts and around 12 major hospitals in the UK, as well as providing collections from almost all hospitals in the UK.

Hospital where we collect

Comprehensive range of Services- Future Health Biobank offer over several services from stem cell storage to diagnostic testing for both life-threatening illness pre-birth and intolerance testing in child hood.

Worldwide- We collect and store samples from over 75 countries and have 38 agents providing high quality stem cell banking services for families all over the world.

Up to 90% cell recovery-Having 15 years’ experience in our field has enabled us to refine our processes and machinery to gain optimum results for our clients. We use a combination of state of the art technology and highly qualified and experienced laboratory staff to ensure each sample is treated individually to achieve the highest cell yield. We do not use automated systems that process multiple samples at once in order to save costs. As a result we have some of the highest cell recovery results in the country.

Releases-Future Health Biobank is proud to have released 39 samples for transplantation since 2012. These samples have been for clinical application to treat conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Fanconi’s Anaemia, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency [SCID], Beta Thalassaemia and Diamond Blackfan Anaemia as well as for regenerative medicine applications.

These transplants took place in USA, Europe and the Middle East and have been for both autologous and allogenic use.