10-Year-Old Boy’s Vision Restored Using his Sibling’s Stem Cells

For decades the value of stem cells banked from umbilical cord blood has been understood; changing and saving the lives of 1,000s globally. Over the past few years, banking stem cells from cord tissue has become commonplace given the 1,000s of clinical trials being explored and the potential for these cells to treat a large number of diseases. Occasionally, the outcomes of these clinical trials are shared, and the results are often fascinating.

This week, Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood reported an incredible story of a ten-year-old boy whose vision was restored with the use of his sibling’s stem cells which were banked at birth.  

Vladomir’s Story: Vision Restored by Umbilical Cord Tissue MSC 


Another opportunity to bank stem cells

As well as banking mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from umbilical cord tissue, MSCs can also be found in dental pulp. Our dental pulp banking service presents the chance to bank stem cells from teeth if parents missed out on the opportunity to store at birth. Given stories like Vladomir’s, parents are increasingly choosing to opt-in to do both.  

Learn more about the benefits of storing stem cells from teeth as well as at birth. 


The Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood also provides an overview of the key considerations for parents considering stem cell banking. Our values and qualities are aligned with the seven top reasons and can be viewed here: 

Infographic: How to choose a cord blood bank  


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