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At Future Health Biobank we are passionate about protecting your child's future health, which is why we concentrate our company in two main areas; cell banking and diagnostics.

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Cell banking

We are the largest cell bank in the UK, having stored more samples then all other UK banks combined and have been established for over 14 years. We fully believe in the value of these services, as well as their present and future possibilities. We offer three core services for stem cell banking; umbilical cord, dental pulp and adipose tissue.


Our diagnostics division enables parents to have a fuller view of their child’s future health, whether that be through Vision, our Non Invasive Prenatal Test or Outlook, our new born screening test.

Non Invasive Prenatal Test

A safe, accurate and reliable prenatal test, that can be performed from as early as 10 weeks gestation and screens for three life-altering conditions including Down’s syndrome.

New born screening

A simple saliva test that screens for a genetic predisposition to five conditions that are not routinely screened for on the NHS. This includes lactose intolerance and coeliac disease.

Hear from our customers

We were so impressed by Future Health’s professionalism and the phlebotomist they sent when I gave birth was both incredibly efficient and empathetic to the emotions we were going through in the last stages of birth and I hardly noticed her presence at all.
My daughter’s future is my number one priority in life. I want to make sure I have secured and given her everything she may need
If I could describe Future Health Biobank in just three words, they would be caring, professional and secure

Chemmy Alcott

Former British World Cup Alpine Ski Champion

Sarah Carnelley

Nottingham, January 2015

Gary Bateman

Leicestershire, July 2015

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