Does Future Health Biobank own its own laboratory?

The short answer is yes we do!

When the company first opened its doors in 2002, we had already installed the most technologically-advanced laboratory at our headquarters in Nottingham, the heart of the UK. Being a company based on quality, we ensured that we had the most up-to-date facilities. The following ten years led to a great deal of success for Future Health Biobank, with our international expansion rapidly progressing we built our second laboratory in Switzerland. This new addition meant that we could serve our customers quicker whilst offering a location storage choice, something that no other stem cell bank could offer.

Various storage temperatures

We are proud to be able to offer an array of storage temperatures; -20 degrees, -80 degrees, -196 degrees, liquid nitrogen and vapour phase nitrogen. This ensures that we can successfully store all samples at the required condition.

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