How to choose a reliable stem cell bank

Stem cell banking is a very personal service and it is important that you can trust and rely on the company that you choose.

Consequently, we have put together a short list of the key attributes that you need to consider when choosing a reliable stem cell bank.


The stem cell bank you choose should be able to show longevity, global presence and a wealth of experience in such a specialised field. Each company should be able to tell you how long they have been operating, the quantity of samples processed and stored by themselves and their global presence.

Future Health Biobank is the UK’s largest and most experienced stem cell bank in operation for over 14 years. Having processed and stored more than 125,000 samples from 75 countries around the world which is more than all the UK stem cell banks combined.


Every stem cell bank should have a full Human Tissue Authority (HTA) accreditation.

It is this accreditation that regulates how a company performs their procedures and ensures that all tissue is dealt with in the correct manner.

Another key accreditation for a stem cell bank to hold is the Medicines & Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

This accreditation ensures that a company meets the necessary standards for safety, quality and efficacy. A core responsibility of the MHRA is to establish a centre of excellence for advanced therapies such as stem cell transfusions.

Future Health Biobank is proud to be one of the most accredited stem cell banks in the UK, successfully surpassing all regulatory requirements.

- Human Tissue Authority (HTA) License (no. 22503) - 2005 - Present;

- MHRA Blood Establishment Authorisation - 2011 - Present;

- ISO:9001 Quality Management Accreditation - 2010 - Present;

- Prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade - 2010 - Present;

- Swissmedic License awarded to Future Health Biobank Swiss Laboratory - 2011 - Present;

- UK Managing Director Roger Dainty honoured with an MBE for services to Scientific Research and Training - 2011.

Processing and storage facilities

It is vital to ensure that the company you choose to protect your child’s future health owns their own processing and storage facility to ensure your sample is never stored with a third party. Storing with a company that owns and operates its own laboratory will mean that they are experts in what they do and have easy and quick access to your sample should you need it for a transfusion in the future.

Future Health Biobank is proud to be the only company in the UK to own and operate two laboratories in two different geographical locations. This means we will never process or store your sample using a third party. For more information on our laboratories visit: Our global family.

Financial and physical stability

A UK stem cell bank should be able to provide you with financial and physical security ensure the long term protection of your sample. This should include a financial protection against company liquidation, a back-up storage facility and recovery plan and a sizable market outside of the Uk to ensure global stabitliy.

Future Health Biobank is situated on a specialised science park with 24 hour security monitoring and has an exhaustive disaster recovery plan in place designed to protect every sample. We have the largest global presence of all UK stem cell banks collecting from 75 countries and physical offices in over 35, ensuring financial stability. We also hold a private financial protection for all UK clients in the unlikely event of company liquidation.

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