Increased funding for cord blood stem cell research

A group of New York based scientists have just been awarded a substantial sum to fund their research into the treatment of blood disorders using cord blood stem cells

This is an extremely exciting development for stem cell research and for those afflicted with a blood-based disease.

We talk to Osama Shaikh; New Products and Research Manager at Future Health Biobank, to get his view on this latest news.

A consortium of scientists at the Ansary Stem Cell Institute, based in New York, has just been awarded $15.7 million by the New York State Stem Cell Research Science Programme (NYSTEM) to fund a four-year research programme. This particular research programme is centred around a new and innovative approach to expanding and manipulating cord blood stem cells to treat blood disorders.

For many patients with a blood disease, a stem cell transplant remains the only cure. Unfortunately, in some instances, cord blood units may contain too few cells for transplantation. This American consortium seeks to address this critical need by implementing an innovative new system. This new approach aims to expand the stem cells outside of the body by using specialised blood vessel cells to support, nurture and develop the stem cells.

The consortium plans to conduct a clinical trial using this platform to expand umbilical cord blood stem cells for transplantation. This trial will be aimed at patients that have been diagnosed with a blood cancer that cannot be cured by chemotherapy or available donors.

This is a great step forward for the potential of cord blood stem cells and we look forward to seeing some great results from the clinical trials.

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