How are umbilical cord stem cells collected?

Umbilical cord stem cell collection is a simple, non-invasive procedure.

Once you have ordered your stem cell collection with our customer care team, we will post out a collection kit to your home. This kit needs to be kept safe, away from any radiators and ideally with your overnight maternity bag. A phlebotomist will be allocated to you and will be the person that collects your stem cells at the hospital. They will give you a courtesy call to introduce themselves.

Once you go into labour, simply take the kit to the hospital with you and let your phlebotomist know that you are on your way. Once your baby has been safely delivered, the phlebotomist will extract the stem cells from the umbilical cord. This is a very quick and non-invasive procedure and won’t interrupt your precious time with your baby. The phlebotomist will then securely package the stem cells into the provided collection kit.

Then all that is required is that yourself or your partner calls us to arrange collection of the kit. The sample is then delivered directly to our laboratory in Nottingham and will be processed and prepared for storage. Our customer care team will then be in touch will a follow-up call with the results and status of your sample.

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