Will you store my sample in multiple portions or vials?

Yes. Your cord blood and cord tissue samples will be stored in multiple portions.

This means there is the potential for your child’s sample to be used more than once to treat life threatening conditions.

We do not store your child’s cord blood in vials as we believe this is an inferior storage method. In the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood newsletter, Dr Joanne Kurtzberg who is described as "having more experience than any other licensed US physician at treating children with autologous cord blood units from family banks around the world" indicates that "today, banks should store cord blood units in cryopreservation bags (freezing bags) with attached segments for identity, potency, and other future testing".

To read more of the article click here: http://parentsguidecordblood.org/en/news/dr-joanne-kurtzbergs-vision-harmonization-standards-usa-cord-blood-banks

This is the chosen method of storage that Future Health Biobank opts for in line with Dr Kurtzberg’s recommendation and the NHS and public banks worldwide. Your sample is stored in a specially designed multi compartment storage bag, which is then double wrapped for added protection and placed into a metal canister before going into the storage tank.

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