Our processing method

As the industry leader, we have trialed all of the leading cord blood processing technologies over the last 18 years. Having fully evaluated these other systems on the market, we have opted to use the proven Macopress Smart System.

At Future Health we are proud of the significant investments we have made into the best equipment and technology. We also have a duty to inform you of the different processing methods using our expertise. All information below is accurate and correct.

Why Macopress Smart?

Macopress smart is a semi-automated blood separator that uses the volume reduction method to separate the stem cells from the cord blood. The use of a sensitive optical sensor ensures the highest yield of stem cells, resulting in recovery rates of up to 99%. As the system allows for faster processing and minimizes the loss in cell viability, Macopress smart is recognized and utilised by the most respected blood agencies.

Macopress Smart™

Macopress Smart™ is a semi-automated processing system, which uses the volume reduction method and provides a sample which is ready-to-use in clinical application. Using a sensitive optical sensor to ensure the highest yield of stem cells, the Macopress Smart™ results in cell recoveries of up to 99% pre-freeze.xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx x

Worldwide established, verified, proven technology

Macopress Smart™ used by dozens of cord blood banks worldwide

Technology used for 10+ years

Cord blood units processed using Macopress Smart™ routinely used in clinical application

Cord blood units processed

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