The best pregnancy gift possible

The best pregnancy gift possible

Are you looking for the best pregnancy gift possible for that special mum-to-be? So many pregnant women get inundated with an array of colourful baby grows and toys for their precious little baby.

However, if you’re wanting to offer them the most essential pregnancy gift of all, then umbilical cord stem cell banking might be the ideal present. By purchasing this gift, you are providing protection for the most precious thing of all, their baby’s future health.

  • What is stem cell banking

  • Precious stem cells are found within the umbilical cord blood and umbilical cord tissue
  • These stem cells are unique to that baby, so they will be a perfect match to them as well as potentially a match to siblings or wider family members
  • Umbilical cord blood stem cells can be used to treat over 85 conditions including leukaemia, thalassaemia and anaemia
  • Umbilical cord tissue stem cells are currently in over 300 clinical trials for conditions such as cerebral palsy, diabetes and autism
  • By storing a child’s umbilical cord stem cells, you are protecting their future health should they become ill later in life

How can I buy stem cell banking as a gift for my friend/family?

Purchasing umbilical cord stem cell banking as a gift couldn’t be easier. Simply contact our lovely customer care team who will talk you through the necessary steps in order to arrange for the collection kit to be delivered to your friend’s address.

We’d love to hear from you

If you are interested in purchasing umbilical cord stem cell banking as a gift for a mum-to-be then please get in touch or alternatively call our lovely customer care team on 0115 967 7707 or email

  • Why choose Future Health Biobank?

  • The world’s most accredited stem cell bank
  • The UK’s largest, most experienced stem cell bank
  • Processed and stored over 125,000 samples for over 75,000 families across the globe
  • Interest free payment plans available
  • Free transportation for treatment to anywhere in the world
  • Headquarters and laboratory based in Nottingham
  • Processed and stored more samples than all other UK banks combined
  • 39 samples released for clinical application

Hear from our customers

Following the recommendation from my Aunt, my husband and I invested a lot of time in researching the process and decided that stem cell banking seemed like a worthwhile investment.
If I were to describe Future Health Biobank in three words, they would be: Informative, friendly, family orientated and committed – that’s four!
My daughter’s future is my number one priority in life, I want to make sure I have secured and given her everything she may need. One of the biggest financial investments we make is buying a house, and that has become a normal way of life for us and our family’s future. I see this investment as just as significant.”

Priya Khetani and daughter Neeva

Michelle Egan and children Ethan & Bethan

Sarah Carenelly and daughter Leah