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We own and operate two operations centres over two separate geographical locations, in Switzerland and the U.K.

Our aim has always been to offer all parents-to-be a safe and affordable means to protect their child’s future health.

Future Health Biobank (SA) is part of the Future Health Biobank group of companies* which operates two of the largest stem cell banks in Switzerland and the UK. With more than 150,000 samples from over 75 different countries, you can be confident that your sample is stored by the country’s most experienced and trusted bank.

*Future Health Biobank is the collective term representing a group of companies throughout Europe, operating under the Future Health Biobank brand. Future Health Biobank SA is the Swiss part of the business, operating in Switzerland.


Our aim is to offer all parents-to-be the opportunity to protect their child’s future health

I whole heartedly believe in the present and future possibilities of stem cell banking. In today’s day and age, we place so much importance on insuring electrical goods, homes and cars yet seem to forget our most precious gift; our children. Roger J Dainty MBE FIScT

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