Anton Ivanov

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I live in Geneva with my wife and our newly born daughter who was born in December 2015. I work for one of the major trading companies.

How did you first hear about stem cell banking?

I've known this for years and this was something my and my wife have been planning on doing for some time.

Why did you decide to have your baby’s stem cells stored?

Among the obvious reasons and the number of diseases that can be cured with stem cells perhaps the most appealing to us was the opportunity to take advantage of the future developments in the medicine.

Initially did you have any concerns about the procedure?

I wouldn't say concerns but I was more curious to know more about the process of storing the cells, the statistics (percentage of customers that have needed the stem cells, the success rate of the medical interventions etc)

And how have you overcome these concerns?

Me and my wife asked for an appointment with FHB staff and we visited your facility. We were given a short presentation and a walk throughout your lab after which all our questions were timely answered.

Why did you choose Future Health Biobank?

We were recommended a few stem cells banks but what was important for us was to have the stem cells stored in Switzerland. This is how we got to FHB. Then we inquired a lot of information and the feedback we got was very positive in terms of the professional attitude and the timely replies of our questions. Please keep it up the same way for the next 25 years.

Would you recommend Future Health to others?

Yes, and in fact we already have. A friendly couple of ours are expecting their first baby and they are going through the same decision regarding the storage of the stem cells of their child.

If you could describe Future Health Biobank in 3 words, what would they be?

I would go for: future, insurance, trust, state of the art medicine.