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We are a family of 5. Our children are 6 yrs old(Boy), 4 yrs old (Girl) and 7 and a half months (girl). We came to Switzerland in 2012 where my huband and I work full time. My husband works in heating/sanitation and I am a computer scientist.

How did you first hear about stem cell banking?

When our first child was born. But we haven't stored his stem cells. For our second child we have given her stem cells to a public stem cell bank in Portugal. We heard about Future Health at my gynecologist's office.

Why have you decided to store your baby's stem cells?

As we have decided to have 3 children, we saw this as our last opportunity to keep these stem cells. We hope that we never need them, but it is better to be prepared.

At the beginning did you have concerns about the procedure?

No, because I was already aware of the procedure.

Why did you choose Future Health Biobank?

I seached among the leaflets and honestly Future Health is the one that gave me the most confidence, with all the details included in the small leaflet and the fact that it's a company with a long history in Switzerland offering this service, also the availability and kindness of the women who responded to me by email and phone.

Will you recommend Future Health Biobank?

Without a doubt

If you can describe Future Health Biobank in 3 words, what would they be?

Flexible (financially), professional and trustworthy from the beginning to the end.