Successful release of sample to treat SCID

Future Health has successfully released another sample to one of the leading hospitals in the Middle East to treat Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. The transplantation was performed on the 20th of January to a baby boy, and all preliminary tests show that his condition is improving after the procedure.

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency is a primary immune deficiency. This usually results in the onset of one or more serious infections within the first few months of life. These infections may even be life threatening and can include pneumonia, meningitis or bloodstream infections. SCID is the result of an immune system so highly compromised that it is considered almost absent. The patients sometimes have no choice but to live their lives in an absolutely sterile environment. In some places of the world one in every 2500 children inherit SCID.

Luckily the family had stored his sister’s stem cells with Future Health at her birth 3 years ago. That decision has now granted them the chance of giving their son the treatment he needs in order to live a full and happy life. Our thoughts are with the family as we wish the baby boy fast and complete recovery.