Turner syndrome

What is Turner syndrome?

Turner syndrome is characterised as a genetic disorder that is only present in females and is believed to affect around 1 in 2000 baby girls born in the UK.

The main genetic difference with Turner syndrome is that the female will only have one X chromosome instead of the usual two; XX. This condition is believed to be a somewhat random occurrence and hasn’t been linked to any other external factors such as the mother’s age at the time of conception.

What are the characteristics of Turner syndrome?

The characteristics of Turner syndrome can vary and unfortunately are often not diagnosed until the female reaches early teens. The reason for this is due to the age that a female normally enters puberty. Should a female be affected by Turner syndrome, they will fail to develop in the same way during puberty.

What are the treatment options for Turner syndrome?

Unfortunately there are no effective treatment options for patients inflicted by Turner syndrome. However, with regular health checks there is no reason why those affected by this conditions can’t live a normal happy life.

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