Dental pulp processing

6 Simple steps to storing your child's dental pulp

Step 1
Request a free information pack

Complete our contact form or call + 41 21 948 2 948

Step 2
Complete and return your storage agreement

You will be sent a storage agreement to complete then the initial payment will be due.

Step 3
Finalising your service

Contact the customer care team once your child begins to experience wobbly teeth and the collection kit will be sent to your home.

Step 4
Collection day

When your child’s tooth comes out, follow the collection instructions located in the kit box and store in a safe place.

Step 5
Blood collection

In addition to tooth collection, a blood collection is also to be performed. Inside the kit you will find the special tubes.

Step 6
Request a courier collection

Contact our customer care team to arrange courier collection of the packaged tooth to our laboratory.

Payment options

We offer a range of payment options, including interest free payment plans.