New born screening

New born screening tests check for conditions in babies that may manifest shortly after birth or during early childhood

Within the first few months of life, your baby will be screened for a range of conditions. However many healthcare professionals do not place much value on identifying these, predominantly dietary, conditions.

This is why we have decided to offer Outlook, a quick and pain-free genetic test. This simple non-invasive procedure will highlight your child’s genetic predisposition to the following four conditions, using just two mouth swabs.

Click on the below images to read more about each condition:

Coeliac disease
Lactose intolerance
Bitter taste
Medication-induced deafness

  • Collection kit delivered straight to your door
  • In-home testing
  • Simple six step collection process
  • Simple means of identifying conditions such as lactose intolerance and coeliac disease
  • Non invasive
  • Quick results processing time
  • Early insight into a child's dietary and medical requirements


These intolerances are not screened for routinely

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