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Martina Beta Lakoma

We recently took some time to talk to Future Health Biobank customer, Martina Beta Lakoma. Martina is originally from the Czech Republic and has been living in London for over 16 years with her family. Martina has worked with children for the majority of her life and specialises in helping those with special needs. Martina used our umbilical cord collection service with her beautiful daughter Amy in June 2013.

How did you first hear about stem cell banking?

I first heard about stem cell banking from a friend who had used the service many years ago. She recommended stem cell banking to me and so, when I became pregnant I researched the subject for myself online.

Why have you chosen to store your umbilical cord stem cells?

Throughout my career I have worked with many seriously ill children as well as those with special needs and so storing my baby’s stem cells seemed like the right thing to do as you never know what the future holds for their health. For us, it felt like an insurance policy for our baby. Many people take out insurance policies for things like phones and cars but seem to forget to insure the most precious thing they have, their child.

Initially did you have any concerns?

Yes. There are several companies offering umbilical cord stem cell collection service, however, there are different storage and processing methods. Consequently, I undertook a great deal of research to ensure that I chose the very best method of stem cell storage for my child.

Why did you choose Future Health Biobank?

I chose Future Health as they offered my preferred storage process and had the best price for my family.

Would you recommend Future Health Biobank to friends and family?

I would recommend Future Health.

If you could describe Future Health Biobank in three words, what would they be?

Safe, satisfying and an easy-process.