Chromosome conditions

Chromosome conditions are linked to chromosomal aneuploidy. A chromosomal aneuploidy can be too many or too few chromosome copies in a chromosomal pair.

Vision can screen for aneuploidy-linked chromosomal conditions such as Turner’s syndrome (Monsomy X/XO), as well as trisomy, where there are 3 copies in a chromosomal pair instead of the usual 2. Vision is able to screen for trisomy at any chromosomal location, screening for conditions such as Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21) and Edwards’ syndrome (trisomy 18).

Low Risk

If the results are Low Risk, this indicates that the baby is not displaying any of the genetic abnormalities screened for, and therefore later diagnosis of these conditions is unlikely.

High Risk

If the results return a High Risk, this indicates that your baby may have one of the conditions that Vision identifies. The nature of the positive result will be identified on the report.

Genetic counselling service

All results should be discussed with a healthcare professional whatever the outcome, however genetic counselling is also available to any patients who receive a high risk result. If you receive a high risk result, contact your healthcare provider and genetic counselling can be organised for you.