There are cells found within your child’s milk teeth and healthy adult teeth

These precious cells have regenerative potential and can convert themselves into an array of different types of cells. These cells are considered to be naïve and it is this very characteristic which could allow them to adapt and repair cells such as joints, muscles, bone, nerves and even a damaged heart.

It is not just milk teeth that house these unique cells, healthy adult teeth can also be processed and stored.

The centre of a tooth is a reservoir of cells. Once the tooth has been received at our laboratory the dental pulp cells will be extracted from the centre of the tooth, processed and prepared for storage.

At present cells, like those found in dental pulp, are currently in clinical trial for over 300 different conditions including cerebral palsy and autism.

Whilst the most rich source of cells are found within the umbilical cord, collection and storage of dental pulp offers parents a second chance to store their child’s precious cells.

The processes used by Future Health to store dental pulp have been shown to result in the banking of live cells. Future Health is currently undertaking further validation studies to prove that the dental pulp cells stored are MSCs which retain their ability to differentiate into different tissue types including bone, cartilage and fat after the samples have been frozen. Future Health is not able to guarantee that the dental pulp sample stored contains stem cells and the number and quality of these cells.

  • Offers parents a second chance to store their child’s cells
  • Simple, non-invasive procedure
  • Cells can be extracted from milk teeth or wisdom teeth
  • Potential for future use of these cells for siblings or wider family members


Cells can be extracted from milk teeth or healthy adult teeth

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