Umbilical cord blood collection at Newham General Hospital

Here at Future Health Biobank, we believe that nothing should detract from the special bonding time straight after giving birth. That’s why we offer stem cell collection services as part of your big day, at Newham General Hospital and many other NHS and private maternity hospitals across the UK.

The umbilical cord is a rich sources of stem cells. These stem cells can be collected after birth, banked and used in the future to treat over 85 diseases and conditions. Our trained phlebotomists can collect the precious cord blood sample from your baby’s umbilical cord in a completely safe and non-invasive way, to ensure that your child has a potential lifeline if they ever need it.

Healthy stem cells collected at birth can help repair and regenerate blood cells and tissue to treat bone marrow cancer, sickle cell anaemia, leukemia and much more.

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How do I arrange cord blood collection from hospital?

Choosing Future Health to collect and store your umbilical cord blood is simple and hassle-free.

Future Health Biobank cord blood banking brochure

Request a brochure using the form above or contact us here.

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Complete and return the storage agreement to place an order for your sample collection kit.

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Once received, keep the collection kit with your maternity bag. We will notify your hospital in writing and arrange a phlebotomist for you.

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On your big day, call to notify your assigned phlebotomist and take your collection kit with you to the hospital.

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Once your baby has been delivered safely, your phlebotomist will collect maternal bloods and the blood from the umbilical cord and place in the collection kit.

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Text us to request our courier collection service. Our medically approved courier will transport your baby’s cord blood sample from the hospital to our laboratory for storage.

Other hospitals who choose to work with us...

As well as Newham General Hospital, we have trusted relationships with over 100 NHS and private maternity hospitals. So you can arrange umbilical cord collection wherever you are in the UK.

Frequently asked questions

On receipt of your paperwork and deposit payment, we will arrange delivery of your collection kit

When it arrives, simply keep it near your maternity bag and take it with you on the big day. Where the phlebotomy service is selected, we will also arrange this for you. You will receive an email with the contact details of your assigned phlebotomists and an introductory phone call too.

When the big day arrives you will need to call your phlebotomist (you can call them any time of day or night) as soon as your labour starts and then keep them updated. When you go to hospital remember to take your collection kit.

Once your baby has been safely delivered, your assigned healthcare professional or phlebotomist will collect your baby’s cord blood, cord tissue and the maternal bloods before placing them in the collection kit.

When the phlebotomist hands you back the collection kit, text ‘COLLECT’ to our dedicated medical courier on 07984 357 806 between 08.00am and 08.00pm, 7 days a week to request a courier collection.

We will process and safely store your samples, notify you of the results by phone, confirm your results in writing within 3 weeks and issue your storage certificate.

Once you have decided which level of service you’ll require, we’ll ask for the initial setup fee

See our prices page to confirm your order. From then, no further payments will be taken until after your baby is born, and we have successfully processed and stored your samples.

Following confirmation, you’re able to pay in interest free instalments over a period of up to 12 months.

Stem cells are the building blocks of life, they create a direct link between your child’s good health at the time they are born and their good health in the future

Should your child face any of a vast range of health issues in later life, stem cells may be the key to repairing and restoring their health.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are already being used in the treatment of over 85 medical conditions including leukaemias, anaemias and thalassemias and the list is constantly growing. Cord blood stem cell collection is an incredibly simple process in which these unique cells are collected from the umbilical cord once the baby has been safely delivered.

Umbilical cord tissue cells can be collected at the same time as cord blood stem cells. This process simply involves taking a sample of the cord tissue and then processing and storing at our laboratory in Nottingham.

Why choose Future Health?

Once you’ve decided that cord blood banking is for you, you then need to decide which biobank you’re going to trust with your baby’s sample. Here’s why we think you should choose us;

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One of the world's most accredited stem cell bank

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More samples stored then any other UK bank

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Free worldwide shipment of samples for treatment