Edwards’ syndrome

What is Edwards' syndrome?

Edwards’ syndrome affects 1 in 6,000 live births and is considered to be a serious genetic condition which can lead to miscarriages or stillborn births. Babies that are affected by this condition are often slow to develop and will experience severe medical problems. Sadly, if carried to full term, there is a low chance that the baby will survive longer than a year.


The Vision prenatal test is regarded as the most accurate and reliable test on the market with a failure rate of just 0.10%

Traditionally, women are only offered diagnostic tests for Edwards’ syndrome if they are considered to be within the ‘high-risk’ category

This form of diagnostic testing is invasive and poses a risk to the baby’s health and well-being as a sample is taken from the embryonic sac, which in some cases, can lead to spontaneous miscarriage within around 72 hours.

Vision is available to all women from as early as 10 weeks into their pregnancy and will offer a detailed view into their child’s likelihood of having this condition. This test will also remove any potential danger associated with invasive testing because it only involves drawing a small sample of blood from the mother.

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