Umbilical cord stem cell collection process

6 Simple steps to storing your baby’s stem cells

Step one
Request a free information pack

Complete our contact form or call 0115 967 7707.

Step two
Complete and return your storage agreement

You will be sent a storage agreement to complete then the initial payment will be due.

Step three
Finalising your service

The collection kit will be sent to your home. You will also receive the contact details of your phlebotomist via email. We will notify your hospital in writing that you have chosen to collect your umbilical cord stem cells.

Step four
The special day

When the big day arrives you will need to call your phlebotomist (any time of day or night) as soon as your labour starts and then keep them updated. When you go to hospital remember to take your collection kit.

Step five
Birth and collection

Once your baby has been safely delivered, your phlebotomist will make the collection and take the maternal bloods before placing them in the collection kit.

Step six
Request a courier collection

Call the customer care team to request courier collection. We will then arrange for our medically approved courier to collect your kit from the hospital or your home and deliver it straight to our laboratory.

Payment options

We understand that having a baby is an expensive time, which is why we offer a range of payment options, including interest free payment plans.