Cord tissue stem cell banking

Umbilical cord tissue stem cells are a great source of excitement, as their future treatment potential is unrivalled

Umbilical cord tissue contains stem cells called mesenchymal stem cells; MSC’s. These stem cells are presently in over 300 clinical trials, focusing on the treatment of life-altering conditions such as cerebral palsy, diabetes and heart disease.

This stem cell is believed to lend itself to a number of regenerative therapies including the production of connective tissue such as bone, cartilage, the rehabilitation of damaged skin, liver and neurological cells.

The future possibility of MSC stem cells is most intriguing. It is hoped that within the lifetime of our children, these unique stem cells will be used routinely in the treatment of various conditions such as cancer, brain injury and liver disease.

Cord tissue stem cell banking is often combined with our cord blood service to enable parents to potentially benefit from both the present treatment possibilities of cord blood stem cells and the future possibilities of cord tissue stem cells.

This stem cell is obtained from within the tissue of the umbilical cord and is only taken once your baby has safely been delivered and the umbilical cord has been detached from your baby.

Future Health Biobank has released MSC’s for treatment of cerebral palsy and regenerative purposes.

  • FHT is the UK’s largest stem cell bank having stored over 125,000 cord samples, which is more than all other UK banks combined
  • Presence in 75 countries, with offices in over 38 countries worldwide
  • The only cord blood bank in the world to own two processing and storage facilities
  • The most highly accredited cord blood bank in the UK
  • Released 25 samples for transplant/therapies to Europe, the Middle East and the US


There are over 300 clinical trials presently underway for mesenchymal stem cells like those found within cord tissue

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