Our unique stem cell collection kits

Your child’s stem cell sample has amazing potential in future medical treatments, providing the quality of the stem cells is maintained from collection through to storage at our laboratory.

For this purpose, Future Health Biobank uses specialist stem cell collection kits with NanoCool™ technology.

How our NanoCool™ collection kits work

Our superior stem cell collection kits offer the very best protection for all cord blood, cord tissue and tooth samples. NanoCool™ technology regulates the temperature within each kit using the principle of ‘evaporative cooling’. It evaporates small quantities of water at low pressure for 83 hours. The water flow within the NanoCool™ package is self-regulating – responding to temperature changes and keeping each sample at the ideal temperature of 4° – 15°C  until it arrives at our laboratory.

Water evaporating in a vacuum has seven times the cooling power of melting ice, so it’s a highly effective and efficient way to keep samples cool.

How NanoCool™ benefits your sample

NanoCool™ technology ensures that every cord blood, cord tissue or tooth sample is kept safe in transit, under optimum conditions. This is achieved through advanced temperature regulation from the moment the sample is packaged, to the moment it’s received by our laboratory.

  • Rapid sample cooling within 5 minutes of activation
  • No need to refrigerate or freeze your sample
  • Responds to external temperature fluctuations during transport
  • Prevents bacteria and fungal growth during transport
  • Every collection kit includes a tempmate™ datalogger, to record real-time temperature of the kit in transit

How to activate your NanoCool™ collection kit

The technology might sound complex, but it couldn’t be easier to package your child’s stem cell sample in our NanoCool™ collection kit whether it’s your healthcare professional or yourself.

Step 1.
Open container, remove the NanoCool™ vacuum package

Step 2.
On the NanoCool™ package you will find a button. Push straight down on it and within seconds, the NanoCool™ logo turns blue, indicating that cooling has begun.

Step 3.
Place your sample container in the collection kit, then replace the NanoCool™ package, silver side up.