Alexandre and Raquel

We have decided to use this approach with the hope that our children will never need to use stem cells, but it seems important to give them this extra option.

The progress of medical research generally and in particular for stem cells is simply unbelievable, and we don't know what will be possible tomorrow.

Despite the cost, Future Health Biobank appealed to us because we would like a professional service. The process was relatively simple and easy, using a courier to expedite the package once the collection was complete.

Help and advice

What is umbilical cord stem cell banking?

Stem cells are the building blocks of life, they create a direct link between your child’s good health at the time they are born and their good health in the future. Stem cells can be used to treat conditions such as leukaemia and thalassemia.

What are the benefits of an NIPT test?

Vision is a highly sensitive prenatal test that can be carried out as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy, using just one simple blood draw. This test measures the baby’s DNA that circulates in a woman’s blood during pregnancy.