What is tooth cell banking?

Tooth cell banking is personalised service that usually involves parents sending their child’s milk tooth to our laboratory, where the stem cells are carefully isolated, processed and cryogenically frozen for decades to come. This gives families peace of mind that – should their child ever need them – they have a 100% DNA matched sample ready to use.

What are tooth stem cells?

Discovered in dental pulp by Dr Songtao Shi in 2000, these Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) – also found in bone marrow – can repair and renew damaged tissue cells found in muscle, cartilage, fat and bone.

Many studies have demonstrated that these cells can be isolated from milk teeth or healthy adult teeth and banked for use in potential future treatments. Find out more

Like all cells in our body, they deteriorate with age, making the cells from milk teeth especially valuable because they are younger and healthier.

Preserving these cells at a specialist biobank offers a higher chance of successful application in the future.

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50,000+ scientific publications discuss MSCs

Over 1,000 studies involve MSCs

Future Health Biobank released 26 tooth stem cell samples for treatment

How does it work?

5 Simple steps to storing your child’s tooth stem cells

Step 1

Complete your dental pulp storage agreement with us online or by post.

Step 2

Let us know when your child starts showing signs of a wobbly tooth, we’ll send over your collection kit.

Step 3

When the day arrives that your child’s tooth comes out, simply follow the step-by-step instructions found within the collection kit. Package the tooth as instructed, remove the pathopak (blood test kit) and store in a safe place.

Step 4

Once the tooth has been collected, simply contact our customer care team to arrange courier collection. We will then arrange for a medically approved courier to collect the kit from your home and deliver it to our laboratory.

Step 5

Once you have contacted our customer care team to arrange a courier collection, we will then arrange for the blood test to take place within the next few days.

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