What is StemCellCare?

Future health Biobank were the 1st UK cord blood bank to work in partnership with StemCellCare insurance, offering our clients the additional peace of mind that if they require their cord blood sample for treatment, they will be financially supported.

StemCellCare is a specialist insurer for families who have stem cells stored privately, ensuring that in the event they need to use the samples, up to £150,000 will be available to provide financial support during this time.

It is worth noting that in cases where the NHS are not able to provide a treatment, the cost to do so privately can be in the region of £100,000 and may require extra travel and time away from work. By having insurance in place to relieve the financial burden during this time, families can focus on the most important thing at hand, the health of their loved one.

What makes StemCellCare unique

SCC provide 24/7 patient support through RedArc who specialize in providing care to families experiencing illness, disability and loss.

SCC use an Independent medical review board to assess each case ensuring all claims are treated fairly, quickly and without reference to the cost.

When funds are released, they are paid to you in full to use how you see fit. There are no time-consuming expenditure claim processes leaving you out of pocket in the meantime

SCC commit to constant reviews of the illnesses covered by your policy. In such a fast-moving industry, new medical treatments are being certified every year, as the list of treatments goes up so may the illnesses covered on your policy.

Choose your cover


£75,000 lump sum payment

Cover for 12 months

Cover for your child

£6.42 monthly OR £77 annually

StemCellCare PLUS

£150,000 lump sum payment

Cover for 12 months

Cover for your child & biological siblings

£11.42 monthly OR £142 annually

How does StemCellCare insurance work

Purchase your chosen policy

Keep your certificate and documents stored safely

If you wish to utilize your policy, contact StemCellCare

Their independent panel will assess your claim

RedArc will also allocate a specialist nurse to provide you with 24-hour support

Upon approval the funds will be released