About Future Health Biobank

Future Health Biobank is the largest, most experienced and highly accredited UK family stem cell bank. Future Health have processed and stored more cord blood units than all other UK cord blood banks combined and to date, have processed more than 120,000 cord blood units from 75 countries worldwide.

Future Health’s Proven Processing Method

As the industry leader, Future Health has trialled many of the world’s leading cord blood processing technologies over the last 17 years. After testing other popular volume reduction methodologies, we chose the MacoPress Smart system for its quality, reliability and flexibility. The MacoPress Smart volume reduction system is widely recognised as an industry leading system, with hundreds of cord blood units being successfully used in transplant. The MacoPress Smart is a semi-automated system. This means that throughout the processing of the cord blood, it is monitored by two specially trained Scientific Officers to ensure it receives all of the attention required to maximise the cell recovery. This methodology ensures that if there are any problems, they can be rectified prior to freezing to ensure that all samples stored are of the highest quality.

Macopress Smart™

Macopress Smart™ is a semi-automated processing system, which uses the volume reduction method and provides a sample which is ready-to-use in clinical application. Using a sensitive optical sensor to ensure the highest yield of stem cells, the Macopress Smart™ results in cell recoveries of up to 99% pre-freeze.xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx xx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx x

Worldwide established, verified, proven technology

Macopress Smart™ used by dozens of cord blood banks worldwide

Technology used for 10+ years

Cord blood units processed using Macopress Smart™ routinely used in clinical application

Toticyte ™

Toticyte™ is a processing method developed in-house by a small cord blood bank called Cells4Life. Toticyte™ uses additional solutions which are added to the sample, they cause the sedimentation of the red blood cells. The plasma is centrifuged and the resulting buffy coat layer, containing stem cells is removed and stored. This method is still in its infancy and has never been used in treatment.

Unverified, in-house method without peer review

Toticyte™ method is used by 1 small cord blood bank in the UK

Method has been used for less than 2 years

No sample using the Toticyte™ method has ever been used in a clinical application

Future Health’s Macopress Smart™ delivers 10% more stem cells (CD34+), at the point of use, than Cells4Life’s Toticyte™ method***

Why choose Future Health?

One of the world’s most accredited stem cell banks

Future Family Insurance free for two years

118 samples released for clinical application

Over 120,000 cord blood units stored

Up to 99% recovery rate pre-freeze

Largest global presence

Guaranteed price promise

Worldwide dedicated courier

Only cord blood bank to let you pay monthly*

*subject to status. T&Cs apply.

Storing for over 75,000 families

Our Customer Care team are on hand for any questions that you may have