Which Vision test is right for you?

There are 2 Vision packages available depending on the chromosomes you wish to have screened for aneuploidy.
Vision NIPT test package

Chromosomal pairs 13, 18, 21*

Sex chromosomes

*Dichorionic twin pregnancies are only eligible for basic screening of chromosomes 21, 18 and 13.
Vision total NIPT test package

22 chromosomal pairs**

Sex chromosomes

**all chromosomes screened except for chromosome 19

All Vision packages include

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Test from 10 weeks of pregnancy
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Gender identity from 10 weeks of pregnancy
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Single maternal blood draw

Frequently asked questions

Chromosome conditions arise when there are too many or too few chromosomes than the usual 2 in a chromosomal pair.

You can learn more about the 22 trisomy types that Vision can screen for here

Sex chromosomes determine whether your baby is a boy or a girl. With Vision, you can choose to screen for sex chromosomes as part of your Vision package and find out whether your baby is likely to be a boy or a girl at just 10 weeks gestation.

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