La banque de cellules souches la plus accréditée au monde

Courrier médical

Envoi des échantillons pour des traitements dans le monde entier

Pourquoi choisir Future Health Biobank

By saving your baby’s stem cells you are not only investing in his future health, but also in that of the rest of the family. We’ve spent 17 years perfecting our processes to provide your family with the highest quality, most reliable service.

Avantages uniques

La présence internationale la plus importante

In addition to our two laboratories (in Switzerland in Châtel-St-Denis and in England in Nottingham), we are present in more than 75 countries, which makes us a true global leader in the conservation of stem cells.

Le plus d'échantillons libérés pour des traitements

122 samples have already been released from our laboratories for transplants around the world in Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

90% de taux de récupération

Our state-of-the-art technology recovers up to 90% of stem cells to allow for the most cells possible in your sample and give the best chance for future treatment.

Plans de paiement sans intérêts

Having a baby represents significant costs. We help alleviate that by offering 6 or 12 month interest-free payment plans.

Plan d'insolvabilité

To give you peace of mind, we have a comprehensive insolvency plan to provide financial protection for your contract in the event of a natural disaster or insolvency.


We are proud to offer you excellent value for money for our stem cell storage services.

Garantie Remboursement

You will only be charged for what we can keep. If one of your samples should prove to be non-viable, you will not be charged for the processing or storage of that sample.