The new born screening collection process

The collection process

Our test is very easy to perform. Simply take a saliva sample from your child using the swab provided in the kit and send it back to our laboratory for analysis. The DNA in the saliva sample will be analysed for genetic predispositions and your results will be sent to you within 21 days.

Step one

Open the kit and twist the cap off the tube. Then remove the swab from it's tube

Step two

Brush the swab against the inside of your child's right cheek for approximately 2 minutes, using the same force as you would brush your teeth

Step three

Allow the swab to dry for a few minutes at room temperature. Ensure the swab does not touch any surfaces or your own hand

Step four

Repeat steps 1-3 with the second swab, however, this time brush the swab against the inside of your child's left cheek for approximately 2 minutes

Step five

Place both tubes into the kit provided and post back to our laboratory in Nottingam

Step six

The sample will the be analysed at our laboratory and the results sent to you within 21 days

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