Buffycoatbag_UK_Website_020816_V1_draft2 Imagine a big blood bag full of blood, this is what your sample looks like after collection. Inside of this there are three major components, a large portion of red blood cells (RBC’s) and plasma (P) and the buffy coat layer which is a thin layer between the two portions. The buffy coat contains all nucleated cells (stem cells are found here as they have a nucleus). All cells that will be of use to you are in this small layer and everything else is a waste product.  

Where our platinum package is chosen (volume reduction processing), the majority of the waste components are removed (RBC’s & P) and the buffy coat remains containing the stem cells. We will NOT discard any stem cells. The sample is transferred to a bag designed to house the sample in two portions, the cryo-protectant (used to freeze the sample safely) is then added and a cell count is given.


The gold package is kept as one whole sample (whole blood processing), the sample is simply transferred to a bag safe for cryo-freezing and a cryo-protectant is added and a cell count is given.

Worldwide recognised, industry standard method of processing and storing

Whether you need your sample here in the UK or overseas, you can rest assured this method of processing is recognised and understood and is the global standard for transplantations around the world. Around 40,000 transplants using cord blood having taken place using this method. The NHS, Anthony Nolan and the Cord Blood Registry (the largest public bank in the world) all store using this method.

The highest protection for your vital stem cells

Harmful waste product is removed at the time of processing to ensure minimal cell death and maximum effectiveness in treatment.

Long term cost saving

As your platinum cord blood sample has been processed and stored ready to be used in treatment, you are safe in the knowledge that there is no additional processing costs to be incurred at the time of transplant.

Ensuring patient safety at transplant

By using the platinum method of processing, harmful red blood cells and cryo-protectant, which are toxic, are minimised to reduce the risk of adverse effects on the patient after treatment (such as graft vs. host disease).

Future potential

Our premium package allows for future scientific development by storing the whole buffy coat layer, which could contain other types of stem cells like mesenchymal stem cells and VSELs, they may be of use in future medicine.