Store your umbilical cord tissue

Cord tissue is known to be a rich source of Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs).

Today there are around 300 ongoing clinical trials globally using MSCs to treat such condition as autism, cerebral palsy and diabetes.

Future Health will store for you multiple samples of cord tissue in separate cryogenic storage containers. These samples are frozen, ensuring that the whole tissue is available for use once treatments are available.

In addition, Future Health will store an additional sample of cord tissue for quality control purposes. This sample is thawed, the cells extracted from the tissue and cultured. This is to ensure that we only store samples that contain viable (live) cells with the proliferation capability (ability to divide) required, to ensure they will potentially be suitable for use in treatments as and when they become available.

The processes used by Future Health to store cord tissue have been shown to result in the banking of live cells. Future Health is currently undertaking further validation studies to prove that the cord tissue samples stored do contain MSCs which retain their ability to differentiate into different tissue types including bone, cartilage and fat after the samples have been frozen. Future Health is not able to guarantee that cord tissue stored contains stem cells and the number and quality of these cells.

  • FHT is the UK’s largest stem cell bank having stored over 200,000 stem cell samples
  • Presence in 94 countries, with offices in over 40 countries worldwide
  • The only cord blood bank in the world to own two processing and storage facilities
  • One of the world's most accredited stem cell banks
  • Released 118 samples for applications in Europe, the Middle East and the US

Doctor recommendation

I recommend Future Health to my patients who desire stem cell collection. They have excellent service, they work with the patients, and most of all they are a solid and reliable company. Feedbacks from my patients are excellent and satisfaction is great!
Dr. Anna David Mediclinic City Hospital

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