A step closer for stem cell treatment of cerebral palsy

One of the most exciting projects that is currently in clinical trial is the use of stem cells to treat cerebral palsy.
A disease which unfortunately afflicts many, the potential to treat this disease using stem cells is closely watched by the world.

We take sometime to talk to our in-house expert; Osama Shaikh, who talks us through the latest advances in stem cell treatment.

In May 2015, the results from the first randomised, placebo controlled, double-blind trial into the treatment of cerebral palsy with cord blood stem cells was published.

There were 36 children selected for the study and the participants were randomly spilt into two groups; one group received unrelated cord blood and the other group received an inactive substance; the placebo. The patients did not know which type of treatment they were receiving and the clinicians did not know which type of treatment they were giving; double-blind.

The results indicated that the patients that received the unrelated cord blood showed improved muscle strength, gross motor performance as well as greater anti-inflammatory action compared to the group that received the inactive substance.

The follow-up duration of this trial was just 6 months and so consequently future trials are required to confirm the long-term effectiveness of this cord blood therapy treatment. However, the study is the most robust study to date with some very promising results.

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For further information on the cerebral palsy trial visit: http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/scd.2015.0074