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"Once I'd done my research I decided that stem cell banking was the right option for us, mainly because I wanted to be sure that I'd given my children a fighting chance if they were ever to get sick."

"My daughter's future is my number one priority in life, I want to make sure I have secured and given her everything she may need."

"I would definitely recommend Future Health Biobank to friends and family. Without a doubt I would recommend the service that they offer."

Michelle Egan

January 2014

Sarah Carnelley

January 2015

Priya Khetani


Help and advice

What is umbilical cord stem cell banking?

Stem cells are the building blocks of life, they create a direct link between your child’s good health at the time they are born and their good health in the future. Stem cells can be used to treat conditions such as leukaemia and thalassemia.

Diabetes discovery

The use of stem cells to treat diabetes has been in clinical trial for many years.
However, for the first time, there has been an umbilical cord stem cell transfusion into a patient, in the hope that it will prevent them from developing type I diabetes.