Dental Pulp Pricing

The first step to ensure you are prepared for the next wobbly tooth is to enroll for our service and receive your tooth collection kit. The tooth collection kit (including next day delivery) and return shipping to our laboratory are included in the initial fee.

Child with missing milk tooth and tooth collection kit

Dental pulp banking


Dental pulp 1st year of storage

Dental pulp collection kit

Dedicated medical courier

Donor blood testing

Micro contamination testing

Free release & shipment

Physical and financial protection

Initial fee: £95

Final Balance: £1800

Annual storage fee: £95/year

*Subject to status. T's & C's apply

All our packages include...

Cord blood kit being collected by courier
Dedicated medical courier
Microscope inspecting stem cell samples
Full viability testing
Free release and shipment
24/7 customer care
cord blood samples in tubes
Stored for multiple uses

Frequently asked questions

The process is usually successful using only one tooth. If it does not work with a single tooth, we attempt the process again at no additional cost. There is a limit of three attempts, something we have never needed to abide by yet.

Whilst all teeth contain dental pulp from which cells can be isolated, the most desirable teeth are anterior deciduous teeth. These are the top and bottom front six teeth. It is important to remember that like all cells in our body, these deteriorate with age. The younger the better. Because of this, it’s advised to begin the process as soon as you have decided to store tooth cells.

Yes. If a tooth is free of decay and fillings then it can be processed in our laboratory. Often people who have had wisdom teeth extracted will go on to store the dental pulp.

Why choose Future Health?

Once you’ve decided that Dental Pulp Banking is for you, you then need to decide which biobank you’re going to trust with your child's sample. Here’s why we think you should choose us;

One of the world's most accredited cell banks

More samples stored then any other UK bank

Only bank to let you pay monthly