10 Years Cancer Free Thanks to Cord Blood Stem Cell infusion

Sadly, cancer can be diagnosed at any age — one example being how bone cancer is more frequently diagnosed in children and adolescents than in any other group.

Discovering you have cancer at a young age can be especially surprising, but it also offers more opportunities for treatment. This was the reality for Lisa Maxson, when, at just 28 years old and with three young children aged 16 months, three years, and five years, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

AML starts in the bone marrow and can quickly spread into the blood and other parts of the body. Due to the aggressive nature of the disease, doctors had no choice but to put Lisa in line for stem cell therapy.

Unfortunately, none of the registered bone marrow donors was a match for Lisa. Her oncology team decided to search public stem cell banks for cord blood units, and fortunately for Lisa and her family, after being told multiple times there were no matches on the registry, they found two perfect matches of umbilical cord stem blood cells.

Surviving Cancer Thanks to Cord Blood

On 15 December 2021, Lisa Maxson celebrated the 10th anniversary of what she calls her “rebirthday”. This was the day she received her double blood umbilical cord stem cell transplant, thanks to a mother who decided to store the cord blood of her daughters.

Thanks to her stem cell transplants, Lisa is here today to be with her children as they grow up. She can watch her eleven-year-old play golf, her thirteen-year-old play football, and her sixteen-year-old driving and playing softball.

After being given the gift of life after being so close to losing it, Lisa is especially thankful for all the hard work of all the cord blood professionals that make such transformative stories possible. To show her appreciation, she now advocates for others like herself, delivers stem cells all across the US, and has organised a 5k run in her hometown to raise funds and awareness.


“I may never get the chance to meet the two baby girls whose cells are inside me, and I don’t know why their parents donated their umbilical cord blood, but I’m so glad they did… If it wasn’t for the cord blood matches on the registry, I wouldn’t be here to cheer on my own children. I can now be there for them as they grow up…and throughout their lives.”


You can watch a 2-minute video by Lisa that she recorded on her “rebirthday” to show appreciation for everything that umbilical cord stem cells have afforded her and her family.


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