Customer Stories


Gary Bateman

We recently took some time to talk to Future Health Biobank customer, Gary Bateman. The Bateman family is from Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire. Gary has been working in the medical profession for many years. Gary and his wife Suzanne used our umbilical cord collection service with their beautiful son Thomas in July 2015.

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Priya Khetani

We recently took some time to talk to Future Health Biobank customer, Priya Khetani who chose our umbilical cord stem cell collection when she was pregnant with baby Neeva. Priya is from Solihull, UK and used our service last year.

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Laith Abu Areesh

Sixteen-year old Laith Abu Areesh suffers from Fanconi anaemia, a condition that affects the bone marrow’s ability to make healthy blood cells. The condition arises from a genetic defect in Laith’s DNA and he has been ill since it was diagnosed in early childhood...

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Michelle Egan

We recently took some time to talk Future Health Biobank customer, Michelle Egan. Michelle lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with husband Stuart, her two beautiful children; Ethan and Bethan and her lovely Labrador Coco. Michelle used our umbilical cord stem cell collection service with daughter Bethan in January 2014.

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Sarah Smith

We recently took some time to talk to one of our favourite dental pulp customers: Leah Smith and mum Sarah. Sarah lives in Nottingham with her adorable daughter Leah: age 6. Leah had her tooth stem cells processed and stored by Future Health Biobank in January 2015.

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Chemmy Alcott

Almost 4 weeks ago when our baby boy was born, Dougie and I decided to use Future Health Biobank to help us store Locki’s cord blood cells.

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Cyd and Rey

Cyd and Rey were overjoyed to find out they were pregnant with twins. Unfortunately their joy was met with fear and worry when they also found out their 4-year-old daughter had leukaemia...

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Asier Moreno

The kit arrived really quickly and when my son's tooth came out, I rang the number on the box and spoke with Hannah who was really helpful in explaining the next steps...

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Ellie and James

Customers Ellie and James discuss why they're choosing to collect their baby's stem cells

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Kerry Conway

Collecting the stem cells in our baby's cord blood was an easy decision to go ahead with. Should our baby, Roma, develop any of these diseases in the future, we will have her perfectly matched stem cells to hopefully treat her instead of finding a matching donor.

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Amanda Stephen

Our little Namiko was born on the 27th of November in a beautiful and calm home setting. Once all our paperwork was done, we were assigned a phlebotomist. Her name was Jane.

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Leanne Cornelius

In the past I had no idea about stem cell collection and why it could be so important for my daughters. After doing some research into umbilical cord stem cells, I was amazed to discover that they can be used to treat over 85 diseases.

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Pauline Bailey and family

In June 2015 I was diagnosed with mixed phenotype acute myeloid leukaemia. AML is one of the most aggressive forms of leukaemia and goes from zero to 100% cancer cells in 4-8 weeks. I needed a course of intensive high strength chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant in 2015 to save my life....

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