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Priya Khetani

We recently took some time to talk to Future Health Biobank customer, Priya Khetani who chose our umbilical cord stem cell collection when she was pregnant with baby Neeva. Priya is from Solihull, UK and used our service last year.

How did you first hear about stem cell banking?

When I first became pregnant, my aunt mentioned the stem cell banking service to me. She had recently used the service herself with her baby and highly recommended it.

Why have you chosen to store your umbilical cord stem cells?

Following the recommendation from my aunt, my husband and I invested a lot of time in researching the process and decided that stem cell banking seemed like a worthwhile investment. We felt that we had been given this unique opportunity to do something now to help preserve the future health of our baby, so we decided that it was definitely one of those situations where ‘better safe than sorry’ really rang true.

Initially did you have any concerns?

I wouldn’t say that we had concerns more a lack of education on the subject. My husband actually works in the medical field and so has a stronger grasp on the potential future capabilities from storing cord stem cells, however, he still had many questions relating to the service.
We had numerous conversations with the Future Health Biobank customer care team who were more than happy to answer any questions and discussed everything with us in great detail, to ensure that we had a solid understanding of the full procedure and service.

Why did you choose Future Health Biobank?

We chose Future Health Biobank for two main reasons. The first reason was that it was the company that my aunt had previously used and so they came highly recommended. Secondly, was because of the friendliness and professionalism of the customer care team, we never felt pressured into a decision and were provided with in-depth information relating to the service.

Would you recommend Future Health Biobank to friends and families?

I would definitely recommend Future Health Biobank to friends and family. Without a doubt I would recommend the service that they offer.

If you could describe Future Health Biobank in three words what would they be?

Very Efficient Service. The reason for this is because we called the phlebotomist at 7am when I first went into labour and she arrived by 11am and stayed all day until 6pm when I finally gave birth. She was very professional and never once complained about having to wait around for so long.