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Asier Moreno

London based Ainara Moreno unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to store her son Asier’s umbilical cord blood at birth, but milk tooth storage offered a perfect second chance to help protect Asier’s future health.


The kit arrived really quickly and when my son’s tooth came out, I rang the number on the box and spoke with Hannah who was really helpful in explaining the next steps. The courier arrived within the hour to pick up the tooth – amazing service! I was then contacted by Dawn to arrange my son’s bloods for his tooth collection. She had such a lovely bedside manner and even brought him a reindeer cupcake.

Asier said he was nervous at first but he didn’t feel a scratch! He will do it again…and was overjoyed with his bravery certificate!

I am so pleased with the service from start to finish and would definitely recommend!

Ainara Moreno

Our team were thrilled to hear that the Moreno family had such a great experience of our services and have now safely processed and stored Asier’s tooth sample in our Nottingham-based cryopreservation lab!