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Cyd and Rey

Cyd and Rey were overjoyed to find out they were pregnant with twins. Unfortunately their joy was met with fear and worry when they also found out their 4-year-old daughter had leukaemia. Dealing with such a diagnosis while pregnant would be stressful for all, but Cyd and Rey stayed optimistic and decided to take a proactive approach to their unborn children’s future health while their 4 year old received treatment for leukaemia.

As my parents always said, good always comes out of bad, and in this case the good is that we were introduced to Future Health, which has made a huge difference to our confidence as a family.


They decided to store their twins’ cord blood stem cells with Future Health Biobank, the most accredited family stem cell bank in the world, to ensure they had access to these precious cells if needed for treating diseases, such as leukaemia. These stem cells would be a 100% match for their twins and a 25% possible match for their older sister.