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Sarah Smith

We recently took some time to talk to one of our favourite dental pulp customers: Leah Smith and mum Sarah. Sarah lives in Nottingham with her adorable daughter Leah: age 6. Leah had her tooth stem cells processed and stored by Future Health Biobank in January 2015.

Below we hear what mum Sarah thinks to the dental pulp service.

How did you first hear about dental pulp cell banking?

I heard about dental pulp cell banking from a friend, she had stored her cord blood stem cells years ago and had recently decided to then go ahead and store the dental pulp. Although I was too late for the cord blood service with Leah, once I heard about the benefits of tooth cell banking, I knew it was an opportunity I did not want to miss.

Why did you decide to have your child’s dental pulp cells stored?

My daughter’s future is my number one priority in life, I want to make sure I have secured and given her everything she may need.

Storing cells taken from Leah’s milk teeth could help her with certain issues which she could come across later in life.

One of the biggest financial investments we make is buying a house, and that has become a normal way of life for us and our family’s future. I see this investment as just as significant.

To know I could have helped and did not is far worse than having the tooth cells there and not needing them. I hope Leah never does need them, but I feel some form of comfort knowing they are there.

Initially did you have any concerns about the procedure?

Initially I didn’t know much about the procedure, but the customer care team at Future Health were professional and informative and made the whole process easy to understand, and answered any questions I had promptly.

Why did you choose Future Health Biobank?

My friend recommended the company to me and after speaking with their customer care team, I was reassured that we were in good hands.

Would you recommend Future Health to others?

I have, and will continue to recommend Future Health to friends and family.

If you could describe Future Health Biobank in three words, what would they be?

Professional, informative and personal.