Future Health releases stem cell sample to treat cerebral palsy

A three-year-old girl has received treatment for cerebral palsy (CP), using her baby brother’s cord blood stem cells. The sample was taken from their mother’s umbilical cord at birth and stored with Future Health Biobank, at our Swiss storage facility.

After finding out about the pioneering clinical trials into cerebral palsy at Duke University, the family decided to release the cord blood sample for potential treatment. It took less than one week for her sample to be released from Future Health’s facilities in Switzerland and received by Duke University Hospital – where the stem cells were successfully infused.

The aim of cord blood stem cell infusions for cerebral palsy is to improve motor function in patients by replacing dead cells. For this little girl, it’s hoped that she and her parents will start to notice these improvements in 3 – 6 months. Many CP patients have already demonstrated encouraging results following Duke University treatments.

The girl’s mother said that after much research, this stem cell treatment was the only viable option. She spoke to Future Health about her experience in storing with us:

We heard about Future Health on the internet, after having made some research online. All the services provided were an excellent experience. Professional staff, very available, fast answers by email and phone, very pleasant, efficient and paying close attention to your needs.

You can read more about the latest advancements in stem cell therapy at Duke University Hospital here.