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Will Brexit impact Future Health Biobank?

In light of the UK’s expected withdrawal from the European Union on 1st November 2019, we would like to share how this would impact Future Health Biobank and how we will continue to deliver our services to the highest standards.

We operate a laboratory in the UK and dedicated storage facilities in the UK and Switzerland with a sample released from our Swiss lab to an EU country as recently as June 2019.

No matter the outcome of Brexit, we will continue to ship cord blood, cord tissue and dental pulp samples from 75 countries worldwide for processing and eventual storage. If a sample is ever needed, we will still be able to ship this anywhere in the world.

The potential outcomes of Brexit negotiations are expected to impact many businesses and organisations. However, the risks associated with Future Health Biobank, our clients and their samples are very low.

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  • • We will ensure that our dedicated courier service encounters no delays whatsoever in the shipment of samples.
  • • If there was to be any delay at customs, our account manager will leverage their relationship with customs to push through the urgency of our shipments.
  • • Delayed shipments are only expected to impact sea and road, and all Future Health Biobank samples are transported by air to lessen the already minimal risk.
  • • The main impact on Future Health Biobank is additional administration. To facilitate this, we will introduce an expanded department with an experienced team on hand.

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  • • Each of our suppliers have their own tailored Brexit plan in place, be that stock piling or purchasing extra facilities.
  • • At Future Health Biobank, we have stock piled to guarantee a minimum additional 2 months’ supply of critical supplies needed to ensure a smooth process for our customers.

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  • • Our data protection policies and processes are already robust enough for any Brexit outcome to not have any impact.