Hospital bag checklist for the big day!

With the arrival of your baby fast approaching, a hospital bag will ensure you’re prepared, organised and ready to go on the big day.

These hospital bag essentials for mum and baby cover everything you may need – from a toothbrush to a TENS machine. You can read about these in more detail and also find recommended products here.


Loose & comfortable clothing for when you leave hospital

Slippers or socks

Thin dressing gown

Nursing bras

Disposable or old pants

Baby clothes – 3 baby grows, vests, cardigan, booties

Baby hat

Baby blanket or shawl

Muslins or bibs

Water spray or sponge

Maternity pads – 3 packs

Tissues or wet wipes


Hair clips/bobbles



Cotton wool

Water wipes

Breast pads

Nipple cream

Breastfeeding pillow

Water bottle

Birth plan and maternity notes

Snacks and drinks

Baby car seat

Hair brush

Mobile phone and phone charger

Book with important numbers/contacts

TENS machine

Birth ball




How does cord blood banking fit in?

If you have opted for cord blood/cord tissue banking, don’t forget to bring your Future Health Biobank collection kit, alongside a copy of your confirmation email and the contact number for your phlebotomist.