The world’s largest tooth stem cell bank

This week brings an exciting new chapter to our 18-year history as we complete our official acquisition of the BioEden group, in the process becoming the world’s first and largest tooth stem cell bank.

Who are BioEden

Founded in 2006, BioEden were the world’s first specialist biobank to collect, assess and cryogenically store living stem cells from teeth. Having successfully stored for 10,000 families, over the last 14 years BioEden have also been responsible for the successful release of 26 samples for clinical application.

With a simple mission to make personalised cell therapy an affordable reality, the acquisition has been a natural transition into the Future Health group values.

Why bank stem cells from teeth

MSCs found in dental pulp are widely regarded as a significant part of healthcare advancement, and are present in many pioneering studies. Due to their high ‘differentiation’ potential, current research involves isolating, growing and re-injecting MSCs to treat a variety of diseases and medical conditions, such as type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and autism.

Impact on Future Health

We have offered tooth stem cell banking for years, alongside our umbilical cord banking and diagnostic services. The acquisition means we are able to extend our secure and superior standard of service to a wider customer base, guaranteeing the quality processing we are renowned for:

Number 1Higher quality processing and storage facilities

Number 2Improved sample success rate

Number 3Private phlebotomists

Number 4Dedicated medical courier

Number 5Typically, more samples stored

Number 6Improved testing and quality control